Poole's Wharf Marina
Bristol Harbour UK

The marina provides non-residential moorings without services to the general public.

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07855 368525


Poole's Wharf Marina
c/o Kyle Blue
Wapping Wharf


Berthing Charges from May 2016 to April 2017

Craft are measured overall, as berthed to the nearest 0.1 metre plus 1 metre clearance.
Annual berthing charge is £92 per metre

A guide to mooring your boat securely

Please study the illustrations and read the follow guidelines on how to moor your boat securely.

A minimum of four lines (ropes) will keep your boat secure to the dock in all weather conditions.
1. Bow Line
2. Stern Line
3. Bow Spring Line
4. Stern Spring Line
The bow and stern lines (No. 1 & 2) hold the boat up against the dock.
The spring lines (No. 3 & 4) keep the boat from drifting forwards or backwards thus avoiding collisions with boats moored in front or behind. Well adjusted spring lines are very important especially during periods of high winds.

Bristol Harbour levels regularly fall (and occasionally rise) about 0.5 metres. The bow and stern lines (No. 1 & 2) will require sufficient slack to accommodate this change in water level. Serious hull and deck damage can occure if boats are left hanging from their mooring lines. The long spring lines require less slack.

If you would like any further help on this issue please don't hesitate to give me a call and we can arrange to meet at the dock to talk it through.

Pooles Wharf Marina Rules and Regulations

All use of property in the Marina and all conduct of persons in the Marina shall be in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.
These Rules and Regulations shall apply to each Tenant and the respective families and guests, employees, contractors, agents and invitees of any Tenant.
"Marina" shall mean and include all areas of Pooles Wharf Marina both water and quayside.
"Landlord" shall include duly authorized representatives or agents of the designated Landlord.
"Tenant" shall mean person leasing a short term berthing and tie up facility for a vessel that they are responsible for.
1. No boat shall be operated so as to cause a wake in the Marina.
2. Neither Landlord nor any agent of Landlord shall be responsible for loss or damage to vessels in the Marina. Each Tennant shall be responsible for damage to other boats in the Marina and for damage to the Marina as a result of any actions by his vessel.
3. Vessel must have an appropriate Navigation licence with Bristol City Council City Docks.
4. No laundering or drying of laundry is permitted on any deck or rigging of any boat in the Marina.
5. Tenants are responsible for mooring and maintaining the security of their vessel. All vessels shall be moored at moorings in a manner acceptable to Landlord. No vessel may overhang any mooring space without the prior approval of Landlord.
6. Vessels mooring in the Marina must be in insurable condition and carry liability insurance against damage to persons or property with such limits as the Landlord may from time to time establish, and the Tenant thereof shall, upon request of Landlord, furnish appropriate evidence that such insurance is in full force and effect.
7. Vessels must be kept in such condition that it does not become unsightly or in the opinion of Landlord reflect unfavourably on the appearance of the Marina.
8. Routine vessel maintenance may be accomplished at mooring spaces, but only with the express approval of Landlord. However, no major maintenance, such as shaft pulling, spray painting, engine removal or any action that might induce irreversible flooding or any major topside conversion work may be undertaken while the vessel is moored in the Marina, except to the extent expressly approved in advance in writing by Landlord. Any vessel which may sink in the Marina shall be immediately removed by the Tenant thereof.
9. Tenants must not carry out work to their boats in such manner or at such times so as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to other occupiers of moorings in the Marina or to the occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring residential properties.
10. Oil, gas, spirits, paints, inflammables and other substances which are deemed pollutant substances may not be discharged into the Marina. Tenants are responsible for all spills of any petroleum, other pollutant or other prohibited discharge.
11. No discharge of sanitation effluent is permitted in the Marina.
12. No hazardous materials of any nature may be stored in the Marina or on any vessel except for fuel, lubricants and normal cleaning materials used in the ordinary course of operation.
13. No advertisement, sign or notice of any kind shall be placed so as to be visible from outside the Vessel.
14. No structure or sign may be erected on any part of the Marina. Any additions or changes to the Marina are prohibited.
15. Swimming in the Marina is prohibited.
16. Open fires are prohibited in the Marina.
17. Marina has no rubbish collection facilities. No refuse (including cigarette butts) shall be thrown overboard. Tenants are responsible for the removal of all personal refuse from the Marina.
18. Storage of loose gear in the Marina is not permitted. Tenants are responsible for cleaning the Marina quayside adjacent to their mooring.
19. Tenants must not bring any dog or other animal into the Marina.
20. Tenants must not permit to be done in or on their Vessel or in Marina any act or thing, which in the Landlord's opinion shall may be or grow to become offensive or a nuisance or annoyance either to the Landlord, his tenants or neighbouring residential properties.
21. Tenants must use the berth exclusively to moor their vessel and not to use it for any illegal or improper purpose.
22. Tenants must ensure no loudspeaker musical instrument or other producer or reproducer of sound to be played nor shall any singing be practised at the Marina or in or on the Boat so as to be audible outside the Boat or so as to cause annoyance at any time to other occupiers of moorings in the Marina or to the occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring residential properties.
23. Marina moorings are non-residential. Tenants must not reside on the Boat or allow anyone else to. Occasional overnights are permitted but are limited to no more than 10 nights in any month.
24. All persons shall conduct themselves courteously, in compliance with all laws and so as not to constitute a public nuisance.
25. Landlord may at any time require the immediate removal from the Marina of any vessel in violation (or whose Tenant, Tenant's guests, agents, employees or invitees are in violation) of these Rules and Regulations and may have any such offending vessel (or vessel of any offending Tenant, or such Tenant's guests, agents, employees or invitees) removed at Tenant's expense.
26. Landlord may enforce such reasonable system of fines and/or cost reimbursement and/or lease termination for infractions of these Rules and Regulations as the Landlord may from time to time adopt subject to such procedures with respect to enforcement as the Landlord may from time to time adopt.

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